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Worldwide i-CAN Network

Worldwide i-CAN Network William at Yerkes Luna at Minami-Aso Roberta at ALMA Rose at Rosemary Hill Sacra at Apache Point Santa at Bradford Telescope Merope at Subaru Telescope TENCo at Nordic Education Telescope Ghana Internet Observatory

The above figure shows the earth's position at noon in Japan time. The i-CAN cameras are located in the areas that are in the midnight at this position. When you put the cursor on any of the site names and click on it, you can go to the page to show the night sky of the selected site. (You can also go to the page by clicking the site name in the below table.) You will be allowed to operate the camera, if operation is not occupied. Please enjoy the live night sky in various parts of the world.

Important!i-CANs may be sleeping in the day to protect the high-sensitivity camera.
The current "day" and "night" hemispheres are displayed on the right. Please refer to this so you can select an i-CAN suitable for night-sky observations.

Brief introduction to the i-CAN sites
i-CAN Site Country Longitude Latitude Time Zone Host Institute
Nickname: William at
Yerkes Observatory
Weather Sky Navigator
88°W 42°N UT-6h
(UT-5h DST)
Yerkes Future Foundation,
Yerkes Observatory
Nickname: Roberta at
ALMA Operations Support Facility
Weather Sky Navigator
Region II,
68°W 23°S UT-4h
(UT-3h DST)
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan,
ALMA Project Office
Nickname: Luna at
Minami-Aso Luna Observatory
Weather Sky Navigator
130°E 32°N UT+9h Minami-Aso Luna Observatory
Nickname: Rose at
Rosemary Hill Observatory
Weather Sky Navigator
82°W 30°N UT-5h
(UT-4h DST)
University of Florida,
Astronomy Department
Nickname: Sacra at
Apache Point Observatory
Weather Sky Navigator
New Mexico,
106°W 33°N UT-7h
(UT-6h DST)
New Mexico State University,
Apache Point Observatory
Nickname: Santa at
Bradford Telescope
Weather Sky Navigator
17°W 28°N UT+0h
(UT+1h DST)
Bradford University,
Robotic Telescope

Current Sky of the i-CAN sites (Click the image to enlarge)
i-CAN is not in operation during the daytime of each site.
Tenerife (Canaries, Spain) ALMA (Chile) Rosemary Hill (FL, USA)
Bradford Telescope ALMA OSF Rosemary Hill Obs
Yerkes (WI, USA) Apache Point (NM, USA) Subaru (HI, USA)
Yerkes Obs Apache Point Obs Subaru Telescope
Minami-Aso (Japan)
Minami-Aso Luna Obs

i-CAN Project
Satoh Lab., Kumamoto University, Faculty of Education