Welcome to the i-Observatory!

- Science Education Tool of IT Era -

Message from the Director
Welcome to the i-Observatory! Since 1998,
we have so far built 4 observatories, of
which 3 are located in Japan and the latest
one in Ghana. These observatories can be
used via the Internet, a new tool of the IT
era for science education. We hope you
enjoy it!

If you know about i-Observatory AND already have a reservation...
Please jump to one of the following observatory pages:
Tema, Ghana (GMT)
Kumamoto, Japan (GMT+9h)
Kanagawa, Japan (GMT+9h)
Chiba, Japan (GMT+9h)
Click on the following links for live images (no reservation required):

If you know about i-Observatory BUT don't have a reservation yet...
Please visit our administration office:

If you don't know about i-Observatory well...
Please visit our library room for on-line resources:
First-time users are advised to visit the library room!
  • i-Observatory library room (Sorry, still under construction)
    (Project overview, user's manual, publications, archives, etc.)

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